Candidate Skills Academy

To Afina, a career is much more than just a job. Your career path is mapped according to your goals, aspirations and requirements; so the journey you take to achieve these aspects will be as unique as you are. We are committed to being your partner on this journey and offer a wide range of services designed to develop your career and life holistically – helping you define, identify and achieve the most successful vision of your future.

At Afina we work with people at every stage of their career path, from school-leavers and graduate to mum-returners, those seeking a career change and pensioners looking to supplement their income.

Afina’s Skills Academy allows each individual to pick the service or services best suited to their needs, empowering them to the future they deserve. Each of these services is delivered by experts in their fields, hand-picked by Afina to help you get the best from this experience.

CV Writing

The perennial first port of call when embarking on any career adjustment is the inevitable review and rewrite of the CV. Creating an outstanding CV is about demonstrating thorough understanding of the job requirements and what the recruiting client seeks in their new employee. However it also demands an excellent understanding of where each candidate particularly shines.

Afina Partners work with our candidates to help them articulate these standout credentials in their CVs and applications – getting their feet in the door for that crucial first interview.

Interview Coaching

Even the most confident individual may feel daunted in the face of an important interview. In a limited time frame you want to make the best possible impression, but if nerves get in the way it can be easy for important details to get overlooked. From the right questions to ask, to body language -our expert coaches ensure you are confident and compelling; assertive and engaging. We provide this service to anyone who feels it would benefit them, from school-leavers embarking on their first interview to CEOs preparing to deliver a career-defining presentation.

Career Development

Before you work out the next steps for your career it is most important to have really clear understanding of where you want to be (and even where you are now). Our career mapping service views your life alongside your career in a holistic manner, empowering you to make positive changes throughout your life.

Confidence Building

We often meet a candidate with experience, qualifications and credentials that look great on paper, only to be let down by lack of confidence when it comes to articulating these values in person.

Afina provides a range of services designed to give candidates a much needed boost, making all the difference to performance in presentations, interviews and beyond.