Visibility at Work

Are you being seen and heard?

Invisible work can often be one of the biggest pitfalls of your career growth.

There are ways to create positive visibility for yourself which will highlight the value you bring to a team and your contribution.

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How Do I Increase My Visibility at Work?

I am doing everything that is asked of me at work. I feel like I’m ticking all the boxes I need to to get ahead but no one is noticing. Colleagues, often more junior, are getting ahead of me with promotions and pay rises. Sound familiar?

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Is Flexible Working Your Thing?

It’s not for everyone but Covid-19 has certainly shone a light on the prospect of it. An incredibly bright spotlight. In circumstances where historically we may not have asked for it or questioned the ability to have it, now it’s on the tip of everyone’s tongues.

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Five Reasons Why Working from Home is The Future

  1. Eliminating Long Commutes

Long commutes cause stress, adversely impacting on the productivity of employees and cause an increase in fuel consumption at a time when the world is combating global warming.

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One happy client!

“It was an absolute pleasure to work with Afina Partners. Emma was so friendly and easy to communicate with. The level of service was exceptional and she understood our requirements from the outset. She was most efficient and always quick to respond. We’re delighted with our new EA who’s been with us for nearly six months now. Thank you Afina!”

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Two-thirds of working mothers have stopped working or now work less

Two-thirds of working mothers have stopped working or now work less, according to a new survey.

New research from TopCV, the world’s largest CV-writing service, has found that nearly two-thirds of working mothers have either stopped working (40 per cent) or reduced their hours (19 per cent) since the start of the pandemic.

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