The future is flexible: Why remote working is a no-brainer for business

Think of the busy CEO working from an airport lounge on their mobile, or the coder typing away in their local cafe.

Both are simple examples of how the world of work has changed, thanks, in part, to the arrival of sophisticated connected technology.

Across the UK, from incubators and co-working spaces, to flexible homeworking arrangements, the traditional, desk-based nine-to-five is being upended. Click here to read more

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Family Matters

Survey finds employer discriminating against women who may start families.

Research across 501 bosses carried out by law firm Slater and Gordon found that nearly one in three admitted they have or would reject a female job applicant because they suspect she ‘might start a family soon’.  

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Lighting Up Our Working Lives

How can we find meaning in our work? Dan Cable is Professor of Organisational Behaviour at the London Business School. In his book, Alive at Work, he has been looking for answers to that question in neuroscience. Dan argues that modern businesses take too much of the cause and effect out of work, which means workers don’t experience the dopamine surge that ‘lights us up’. That can cause stress and illness. The answer, he suggests, lies in allowing workers to find more meaning and get in touch with the end results of what they do. Watch now

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Nine to Five No More

Forty years since it hit our cinema screens, the cult movie ‘Nine to Five’ is apparently poised for a revival. But the concept endorsed in the lyrics of its title track has long since clocked out and is unlikely to return; in 2018, ‘working nine to five’ is not the way to make a living. Dan Harding, director at Sign In App on how technology is challenging the traditional 9 to 5 business day. Click here to read more

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Three Ways To Create A Thriving Flexible Work Environment

For many of us, working 9 to 5 feels like an outdated concept because work doesn’t happen strictly between those hours. The reality is that personal appointments or obligations happen during the day and work often happens at night. Additionally, with technology making work mobile, there are no longer clear boundaries between what has historically happened at home versus at the office – Click here to read more

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Take a Deep Breath…

Learning to breathe more deeply can make you feel a lot calmer and increase your sense of well-being. Take five minutes to try out this simple breathing exercise.  Once you have got the hang of it you can use this technique anywhere – at work, at home or on the bus or tube. Anytime you feel your stress level rising or need a moment of calm. Please click here to learn how

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What is the Value of Wellness in the Workforce?

There is nothing better than a happy workforce because let’s face it, nobody wants employees who don’t want to work for your company. And whilst you can’t guarantee happiness, many companies are going over and above to ensure their employees’ mental and physical wellbeing is taken care of which can go a long way in helping them be happy.

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