Is Flexible Working Your Thing?

It’s not for everyone but Covid-19 has certainly shone a light on the prospect of it. An incredibly bright spotlight. In circumstances where historically we may not have asked for it or questioned the ability to have it, now it’s on the tip of everyone’s tongues.

So how do you approach it?

Here are our top tips on maximising your chances of asking for and achieving the balance you want.

👉 Children. Flexible working and children can come hand in hand. So ask yourself, who is going to be left holding the baby? What childcare are you putting in place? If it involves your partner, are they on board with the idea? Open up the comms on this topic.

👉 Plan the pitch. Formulate your ideal flexible working pattern. If this isn’t achievable, how much will you be prepared to bend? Are there financial implications if you need to bend? Be prepared to be flexible yourself to your flexible request.

👉 Back yourself. Don’t apologise for requesting a flexible working week. You working flexibly can be a huge ‘positive’ for the employer. You are top talent whom they don’t want to lose. You will show immense loyalty through gratitude. You are contributing to a cultural shift in the workplace that will be of benefit to plenty of others.

We are always interested to hear stories of flexible working situations so do reach out to us.