“How Going Part-Time Changed My Life”

Deciding to reduce your hours can be an anxiety-inducing decision. But could it also be the best decision that you ever make?

Once seen as the reserve of women juggling childcare, part-time work has had a revamp. Working fewer hours is on the rise, with 40% of employed women working part-time, and many women reporting reducing their time in the office to retrain, study or focus on a side-hustle.

Of course, the picture isn’t completely rosy for part-time work. Research suggests that women do a staggering 60% more unpaid work than men, and that parents who work part-time are half as likely to be promoted compared to their full-time counterparts. For many women the decision to go part-time is not financially feasible, whilst for others part-time work is their only option as they are saddled with caring responsibilities, reducing working hours and unpaid labour.

But for some women, part-time work has been a positive career move. These women are changing the narrative of part-time workers, proving that cutting back your hours can actually benefit your work. They’ve upskilled, built new networks and even launched their own businesses. They want to prove that going part-time could be the best career move you ever make. Please click here to read moreClick here to read more