How Do I Increase My Visibility at Work?

I am doing everything that is asked of me at work. I feel like I’m ticking all the boxes I need to to get ahead but no one is noticing. Colleagues, often more junior, are getting ahead of me with promotions and pay rises. Sound familiar?

There is no hard and fast rule or method for getting noticed at work. A lot of it comes down to reading a situation and being able to adapt. But in short, being good at your job isn’t enough.

Let’s look at a few suggestions to get you on the right track, help your chances of promotion and brighten your visibility.

Social Activities

This is a fine balance to be made. Never put more effort into your social persona than you do your professional persona. Step away from multiple cocktails on nights out. But do join in. If you are a natural introvert just go along and ‘be there’. You don’t have to be the life and soul of the party, it is your presence that matters.

Play Your Part in the Team

Yes you want to ‘get ahead’ but often that involves working as a team. Sometimes you and your skills will be stronger and more valuable when working alongside others. Be it asking for help or offering help to teammates, you need to establish yourself as a team player.

Be Proactive and Take Initiative

Are there jobs that you know no one else wants to go and everyone else is backing away from? It might be a menial task, a gruesome job, a project that ranks up there on the dull list. Grab it with both hands and be the one to get it done.

Be Vocal

Speak up and be heard. Share your thoughts at meetings, don’t be afraid to offer your opinion. It may not be agreeable to everyone but having an opinion will be appreciated. It can be overwhelming and out of your comfort zone and you may worry that your opinion will be ‘wrong’. Perhaps it might be, but you’re offering a different perspective.

Praise Other People

Whether you’re the most junior member of a team or the most senior, everyone can offer praise.

Find an Ally

How can your boss know you’re looking to raise your profile in the workplace if you don’t mention it to them? Don’t assume that they’ll know. And don’t be afraid to make it known to them your goals.

Find a Mentor

This could be your boss or it could be someone outside of your own workplace. They will be a voice in your ear about where they possibly see routes that could help you advance your career. They may see traits in your personality that you could focus on and traits that you might need to work on.

Making yourself visible can often seem out of character. You may feel like you are stepping too far out of your comfort zone. But don’t let a wobble in confidence hold you back. You know you are good at your job and now you need to fine tune a few other areas to increase your visibility.

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