Four-Day Workweeks—Back Again?

The pandemic is convincing more companies to experiment with workweeks. But does cutting days only add to people’s workloads?

It was a gorgeous Saturday afternoon, the kind of day made for relaxing on the beach with a book and a beverage. But instead of doing that, the marketing team was on a Zoom call scrambling to get final approvals for a campaign about to launch. Once out of the ordinary, weekends like this were becoming regular—and not because the firm was adding workdays.

It had actually reduced them.

With pressure to experiment more as business struggles under COVID-19, some firms are turning to four-day workweeks or reduced hours. The idea is to boost work-life balance to help both the employees and the companies themselves. Indeed, over the last year—as the pandemic has blurred the lines between work and home—academics, economists, business leaders, and even mental health professionals have championed shorter workweeks as a way to reduce stress and anxiety while potentially boosting productivity. Click here to read more