Five Reasons Why Working from Home is The Future

  1. Eliminating Long Commutes

Long commutes cause stress, adversely impacting on the productivity of employees and cause an increase in fuel consumption at a time when the world is combating global warming.

2. Employee Productivity

Home-based workers have relatively lower stress levels because they do not need to commute daily. Elimination of commutes allows more relaxed lifestyles resulting in better quality of life. Secondly, working from home means employees do not have the need to dress in formal, office attire- which also helps reduce time otherwise spent on preparing for the day’s work.

3. Reducing Staff Attrition

Permitting employees to work from home has shown excellent results in talent retention and lower staff attrition. This is a major advantage that employers are now eyeing. Single parents as well as highly skilled professionals who cannot commute daily can be retained by offering work from home jobs.

Intrinsic costs also include advertising a vacancy, man-hours spent in interviewing jobseekers, loss of productivity directly linked to attrition, training expenses and negative psychological impact on co-workers.

4. Attracting Better Talent

As competition in all industry sectors increases, companies are facing increasing difficulties in attracting excellent talent. Highly qualified and skilled personnel are usually unwilling to relocate. Hiring locally proves hard if a specific set of skills required by an organisation are unavailable.
Companies are able to attract better talent by offering work-from-home jobs. Remote working makes it possible for organisations to source talent from any distant location within or outside the country.

5. Lucrative Freelancing

Organisations too now look at freelancers to get specialised projects done rather than hire employees for short term. Hiring freelancers provides a better option to recruitment since costs of advertising, man-hours wasted on screening and short-listing jobseekers as well as interview process and training are eliminated. Freelances will further drive the work from home job market in future.