CEO Secrets: ‘Four-day weeks are good for business’

“At Bakedin we work four-day weeks because it makes our staff more motivated,” says CEO and founder Joe Munns. “It also gives us a really powerful recruitment and retention tool for the business.”

Bakedin, which is based in Basingstoke in Hampshire, makes home baking kits and cake mixes. It saw sales soar thanks to the baking craze during the Covid lockdowns.

Joe has put his 40 workers on a four-day week since he started the firm in 2013. He was working for the computer giant IBM at the time and running the company as a weekend pursuit.

“When I was at IBM, I actually compressed my hours down to a four-day week,” he says. “So I had Fridays free when I could work on Bakedin, which was my pet project at the time. “I figured it was my business, so I could do what I liked and took that opportunity to start the business with a four-day week. So we have the normal working week of Monday to Thursday – then everyone gets those three days off.”Click here to read more