Visibility at Work

Are you being seen and heard? Invisible work can often be one of the biggest pitfalls of your career growth. There are ways to create positive visibility for yourself which will highlight the value you bring to a team and your contribution.

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How Do I Increase My Visibility at Work?

I am doing everything that is asked of me at work. I feel like I’m ticking all the boxes I need to to get ahead but no one is noticing. Colleagues, often more junior, are getting ahead of me with promotions and pay rises. Sound familiar?

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Candidate Skills Academy

A career is much more than just a job. Your career path is mapped according to your goals, aspirations and requirements; so the journey you take to achieve these aspects will be as unique as you are. At Afina we offer a wide range of services designed to develop your career and life holistically – helping you define, identify and achieve the most successful vision of your future.

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