Is Flexible Working Your Thing?

It’s not for everyone but Covid-19 has certainly shone a light on the prospect of it. An incredibly bright spotlight. In circumstances where historically we may not have asked for it or questioned the ability to have it, now it’s on the tip of everyone’s tongues.

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Five Reasons Why Working from Home is The Future

Eliminating Long Commutes Long commutes cause stress, adversely impacting on the productivity of employees and cause an increase in fuel consumption at a time when the world is combating global warming.

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Candidate Skills Academy

A career is much more than just a job. Your career path is mapped according to your goals, aspirations and requirements; so the journey you take to achieve these aspects will be as unique as you are. At Afina we offer a wide range of services designed to develop your career and life holistically – helping you define, identify and achieve the most successful vision of your future.

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